Why Annual Whole-House Plumbing Inspection is Essential?

Hiring a professional plumber for inspecting a home’s plumbing system is a smart move for savvy homeowners. A plumbing issue can exist for a longer period of time without presenting any noticeable issue until it becomes severe. A proper inspection done on annual basis by a skilled plumber can alert homeowners of problems early on.

Drips and other leaks in plumbing joints are very common and are often witnessed by homeowners. A drip may be small, but the amount of water wasting from it adds up quickly. It increases the water bill if not stopped on time. If hot water is leaking, the cost to heat the water is also lost in an elevated electricity bill.

Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

Unchecked leaking pipes can also cause damage to your home. It can damage floor boards and drywall resulting in extensive and expensive repair work. Water accumulated behind the walls is a perfect medium for mold growth. This can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems among family members.

Common areas in a home that are prone to leaks include under kitchen sinks, under bathroom sinks, toilets, behind dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers. If you encounter a leak or any plumbing issue at any time of the day, call a company providing a skilled plumber for 24 hrs plumbing in San Jose. They will get the work done even at midnight.

Not only leaks, but inspecting the other plumbing appliances or systems such as sewer pipes, drain pipes is also necessary. There might be a time when your drains or sewer lines will get blocked. Getting then inspected and repaired on time can prevent further damage and also help you save some money.

Thus, inspection by a professional plumber is a must if you want your all plumbing appliances or systems to work efficiently. This will in turn give you peace of mind.