What To Check While Buying From Hardwood Timber Merchants In UK

There is a huge assortment of woods on the Earth. From oak, cedar, mahogany to fir, larch and more, every different kind of wood has different kind of use. It has been very difficult for amateurs to understand what kind of wood they should use for a particular project.

timber wood

However, rather that thinking that whether you should cedar, fir or mahogany, It is important that you know that whether you are using hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is durable and tough wood. Hence is perfect for building homes, furniture, dockyards, outdoor decks and flooring. Softwood is often called as the “substandard” hardwood. It is quite soft and  flimsy when measured against its more durable counterpart. Nevertheless, softwood is a perfect wood for in house woodwork. It is used to build cladding, boards for various inside layers and house structures. Using softwood in building and creating is more cost-effective, as it grows faster than premium quality hardwood.


It is quite possible to buy hardwood timber in varied large retail outlets and wood yards. Hardwood timber merchants in UK sell varieties of hardwood and softwood to build various things. Be sure to look into the market rates of hardwood and softwood timber on the basis of length, quantity and quality. Compare the wood costs provided by various hardwood timber merchants in UK. Make sure that you look into quality initially as better quality would mean that the hardwood and softwood would be long-lasting wood and cost-effective.

Along with quality, also verify the breadth of the hardwood before purchasing from hardwood timber merchants in UK. Inspect the shades or tiers of hardwood timber by scratching. See that timber has not been painted on.


Nevertheless, there are a few times when hardwood can get splinter edges or split and they often have to be filled with an assortment of chemical core. However, this should be present in timber hardwood that you have to buy from hardwood timber merchants in UK. Check these by rubbing the alleged markings with a rough object. Also, examine any irregularity and avoid purchasing such hardwood timber. The significant part to look out for are the measurements, wood grain, and surface.

Author Bio: Sara Hill is a creative interior designer who loves to revamp and redecorate places and attacks her home time to time. She loves to incorporate natural wood look with modern features and till date, her favorite wood profile is timber.