What kinds of Windows are Suitable for your Home?

Windows are very important component of nay home. They are basically transparent openings in a wall allowing the air, light, and sound to come in. they are used for ventilation when open and to exclude inclement weather when closed. Windows are of great importance in home decoration. To incorporate windows in your home you first need to know what kinds of them are available.

Kinds of windows

There are many different types of windows that made up construction of your home.

1. Double-hung windows; these consist of two sashes that slightly overlap and slide up and down in frame. They can be open from top or bottom. But they remain inside the frame and cannot bugle outward to interior or exterior of the house.

Advantages of double-hung windows

  • They are easy to access
  • Have superior ventilation capabilities
  • Good for children’s room as they can be open from top and remain closed at bottom

2. Casement windows; they are hinged windows. They operate by turn of crank in an operating mechanism.

Advantages of casement windows

  • They open outward for fresh air and light
  • As they open instead of sliding up and down, they are easy to maneuver
  • They are sealed for energy efficiency

3. Awning windows;they are actually casement windows that are hung horizontally. They are hinged at the top and open outward.

Advantages of awning windows

  • They are perfect for the bedrooms which needs privacy but also some light
  • They can be placed in variety of ways depending upon your choice
  • They can be opened a bit to allow ventilation

4. Picture windows; they are large stationary windows.

Advantages of picture windows

  • They let in maximum amount of light
  • They give unobstructed view of outdoor
  • They are best to install in dark room wall for better lightening

5. Bay windows;they are actually the combination windows with stationary window in the middle flanked by casement or double hinged windows.

Advantages of bay windows

  • They allow light to stream in different angles
  • Are good for air circulation when the sides are open
  • They give more interior space as they protrude to exterior

6. Jalousie windows; they are made up of glass slates infused in metal clips. They are like glass shutter which can be opened and closed in unison.

Advantages of jalousie windows

  • They control amount of light and air because they can open in varying degree.

7. Hoppers windows;it as a casement window flipped on its sides.

Advantages of hoppers windows

  • They open inward allowing maximum ventilation.
  • They are best to use in basements.

After having looked on types of windows you must move to the selection of windows.

Choosing Windows

When you are going to choose windows take care about the material of windows. The material used in their manufacturing is of many types. Wooden windows are very versatile. Hardwood is expensive but it is durable and easy to clean. Softwood windows need to be protected by paint .another material used in windows is vinyl. Vinyl windows provide excellent heat and sound insulation. Aluminum is also very good material in windows making. Aluminum provides thin frame the support large expanse of glass. Now it depend on you which material you prefer. After choosing the type and material of windows let’s have a look on window designs so that you can make your home attractive with unique window styles.

Windows design

Windows are available in many designs.

Custom windows; if you want an architectural look in your home and want to match the windows with trims go for the custom windows.

Unusual window shape; different shapes such as square, circle, arches or keyholes are available to give magical touch to your home.

Distinctive windows; variety of trim work, grille work, arrangements are made to make windows a focal point of your home.

Stained-glass windows; are used to add color to neutral room

There are much more designs you will find. Look at all these things and decide to go for best option.

Raima Hasan is professional writer. She writes about home decoration tips and tricks. She also writes about canvas prints.


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