What are the Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Your Home?

Having blocked drains in your home is a situation that no homeowner would want to be. As with this comes a series of issues ranging from unpleasant odor lingering at almost every part of the property to clogged water flowing back into bathrooms and sinks which are the miseries undoubtedly make it the worst nightmare for your home. To avoid these situations, you need to maintain your sewage lines and you must avoid throwing some unwanted things in your drainage system. Hair, plastic, grease, shops, papers, and tree roots can easily block your drains and in this regard, you need to identify the exact issue of the blockage. If you find that some tree roots have penetrated your underground sewage lines, then you must replace the pipelines, and if you find any clogged portions due to some garbage then you have to plug out this deposited garbage from your drainage system. In this regard, you can hire some drain cleaning professionals and they can easily clean your drains in a professional way. 

5 Common Things That Can Block Your Drain

Though there are many things that tend to block the drainage system of your house, yet here are the top 5 amongst them:

Hair: Although hairs seem to be a delicate object, those little follicles can turn out to be a major reason behind clogged drains. As the accumulation of hair leads to build up and this prevents the flow of water creating a huge problem for property owners. This is the reason why professionals suggest installing some mesh at the entrance of the sewage lines. So that you can easily clean these meshes and keep your drains clean all the time. Apart from that, you can also pour some hot water with vinegar into the drains to clean this deposited garbage.

Grease and Oils: Though it is one of the most common reasons behind blocked drains, yet preventing them is as simple as it can get. The fatty substances have an unusual sticky feel and when they get down into the drainage system then they deposit onto the walls of the pipes, and this gradually clogs to such an extent that water does not pass anymore. To prevent it, just monitor the liquids that you flush into the drains.

Foreign Substances: Scum from soaps, sanitary products or nappies remain to a common threat for a sewage system and thus should never be disposed of them. If you have kids around, then have a watchful eye on the toys that they take to their shower as at times they might accidentally flush them too. In this case, you must use some hanger to plug out these composites and you need to hire some drain cleaning professionals in this regard.

Leaves and Trees: The focus now shifts from the interiors of the house and moves onto the exterior portion or the garden. Flourishing gardens require proper maintenance, as otherwise they will be filled with debris and leaves and these can be a serious obstruction for the drainpipes. Even tree roots can also block the drains and you must replace the drains to clean them properly.

Toiletries: Toilet papers and baby items are the two most common items that block the drain. Though toilet papers are meant to be flushed into the system, when disposed in an excessive amount and that too at once they accumulate onto the pathway of water and then become a huge obstruction.

Moreover, professionals are often equipped with advanced equipment and monitoring system, using which they can examine the different components of the drainpipe and then decide the type of service and professional grade chemicals that it might require.