Using Drone Videos to Promote Your Real Estate Projects

Over the past few years, drones equipped with 4K hi-res cameras have really taken the real estate industry by storm.  Through aerial photos and videos, buyers can now get a better view of a property, the surroundings, and its proximity to schools, shopping areas, entertainment districts, and more. Real estate drone videos also provides property sellers a way of highlighting specific features and amenities of the homes such as landscaping, decks and swimming pools. The best part is that drones are now more accessible and affordable than ever before!

One of the limitations of using traditional photography is you can’t correctly capture the perspective and context of the property with just ground photography. Thankfully, drones are doing away with this limitation. Contrary to helicopters and planes where the cost can be overwhelmingly high, drones allow you to take sweeping aerial shots quickly and cost-effectively.

Drone videography and photography has become popular especially in areas where vineyards, beaches, mountains, and water can lend something unique to even the most unremarkable homes. The aerial videos and photos can help attract more clients and investors to real estate listings. Here are some specific benefits and advantages of using drone videography and aerial photography.

Why drone videos and photos?

  • Out-market the competition! It’s a fact that better-looking listings that provide more information attract more potential buyers and receive more viewings. You can use aerial photos and videos in just about any form of advertising and marketing online such as your website, MLS websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!
  • Create more engaging, dramatic videos! Videos have shown to be up to 80% more effective compared to photographs. Aerial videos are more engaging, provide more details and do a much better job at capturing the viewer’s attention than regular images.
  • Generate new business! Using drone photos and videos to market your real estate business shows your prospective sellers that you’re professional, you take your business seriously and that you will go above and beyond to make their property stand out and look great.
  • Highlight more property features. Pools, landscaping, backyards and walking paths are all important deciding factors to many buyers. The same applies to nearby schools, parks and other amenities. Aerial videos and photos can bring these features to life.

Amaze your prospective buyers with panoramic aerial videos and photos that your competitors won’t match. Help your potential buyers and investors understand the unique aspects of your real estate listings.

When you are ready to take advantage of drone videos for your listing make sure to do your research first. You will want to find a company that has experience and is willing to show you samples and references.

More importantly, you will want a company that has vetted their Drone Operators. Make sure the Drone Operator who films your job is licensed, has received a background check and is insured.

Also it’s important to understand what you will be receiving. Will your final video and photos be professionally edited and color corrected? How will the content be shared with you? Will you be able to easily post the videos and photos online?

These are all questions you need to ask before hiring a company. Remember, quality should be the #1 priority and you want to work with a company that offers some sort of guarantee. A company that offers a guarantee stands behind their work and will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the final product.