Tips to Fix Your Home in Just 2 Days

Is it a weekend and so much free time? It is time to fix up your home over the weekend. Here are 6 Do-It-Yourself Ideas that will definitely help you fix your home in a Weekend.

Look around your home for cracked or chipped tiles. It is time to replace them. It is very easy to do this as long as you have all the necessary tools and materials.

  • You will need a new tile the same color and texture as your existing tiles. You will also need tile adhesive and grout that is the same color as your old grout.
  • Remove the cracked tile and scrape of the old tile adhesive. When done, apply tile adhesive to your replacement tile and fit into the space where you removed the cracked tile. Then apply grout.

Look for leaking faucets, washing machines or dishwasher. Fixing this will help you save on your water bill so you have give this time. Very simple but very important task. First thing to do is to close the main water pipe.

  • Check the leak and its source. If the leak is coming from a hose then you should change it. Just remove the old hose and screw the new one.
  • If the leak is coming from the faucet itself, then you have to replace the faucet itself. Use a wrench to remove the faucet and replace it with a new one.

Install curtains where needed especially for windows that face the sun. The house will have a better room temperature if curtains are installed. Curtains will also give you privacy especially if you have neighbors.

  • Using a tape measure or meter stick, draw a straight line where you will put the curtain rod.
  • Install the brackets by screwing them in place for the curtain rod.
  • Put the curtain rings on the curtain rod one at a time. When finished, attach the curtain rod to the curtain brackets.

Decorate an empty wall with Family Pictures or Mirrors. This will brighten your home while very easy to do.

  • Choose an empty wall you want to decorate or brighten. Measure the wall so you will know how to decorate it.
  • ¬†Gather Family Pictures that you treasure or several mirrors with add design to your wall.
  • Attach hooks or brackets by screwing them where you want to hang the picture frames or mirrors. Hang the pictures or mirror as you prefer.

Fix your plants or garden so that it will brighten your home. You can do this easily but you have to study what plants will suit your garden. Some plants are for indoor and some plants need the sun to grow.

  • Condition the area where you will plant by adding organic fertilizers to the soil.
  • Dig a whole as necessary dependent on the size of your plant. Position your plant and cover with soil.
  • Water your plants.

Make table accent pieces with old jars, plastic bottles, or glass bottles and newspaper. You will also have fun painting them based on the theme for your home.

  • Gather all old jars, bottles and some old newspapers.
  • Wrap the jars and bottles with newspaper using glue.
  • Paint the newspapers attached to the bottles and jars based on the theme you want for your home.
  • Dry the jars and bottles. Put them on table tops when dry.

Fixing up your home over the weekend with do-it-yourself ideas can be a lot of fun. Interlink contact between you and your home can be established when you fix up or decorate your home with your own taste and preference. Try doing them and I am sure you will be very happy with your new home.