Tips to Choose the Right Style of Kitchen for You

The kitchen is often the central, most used area of a home. Therefore, it requires a lot of thought to improve the style of the kitchen. Consider these upgrades to make your kitchen a warm and welcoming part of your home.

Light up your kitchen in multiple ways, ranging from painting, cabinetry to adding colourful accessories, mirrors and light fixtures. A bright kitchen usually feel larger, which is an added benefit, especially for a small kitchen.

To have the right style of kitchen-

· Pick the right countertop material

· Bring in dreamy/attractive colours

· Choose efficient and attractive cabinetry

· Select stylish light fixtures

· Add colourful accessories

Countertop material – In recent years, countertop options have really exploded. The choices can be overwhelming, with plenty of colours, patterns, and textures. Materials include:

· Natural stone – The most common natural stones used to make countertops include granite, soapstone and slate.

· Granite countertop- Granite is extremely smooth in texture with endless colours and patterns. It withstands splashes, heat, fire, knife nicks and wear and tear.

· Soapstone & Slate – Soapstone and slate countertop are natural materials that have been used for ages. These two materials can be fabricated into sinks to match the countertop surface in colour and pattern. Slate is relatively soft, matte sheen and easy to maintain.

Soapstone offers:

· Durability

· Aesthetic value

· High return of investment

Slate provides:

· Good looks

· Bacteria resistance

· Scratch resistance

· Cost effectiveness

Solid Surfacing – Solid surfacing is non-porous and it is virtually free in maintenance. No special cleaning is required. Colours and patterns are extensive. It can be installed seamlessly and is non- susceptible to scratches and burns.

Quartz Surfacing – Quartz resembles the qualities in solid flooring including the maintenance as well. As quartz surfacing is an engineered product, it is available in greater range of colours and patterns than natural stone.

Marble Countertop – An upscale choice no countertop material matches its glamour and elegance. Marble is also one of the most cost effective choices for kitchen countertops, as it is both natural and long lasting. It adds a lot of appeal to buyers as a much coveted upgrade.

Painting – Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Usually, light colour palates can create an airy, cheerful kitchen. Paint the walls a light colour such as soft tan, creamy white, or shades of light yellow that tends to make your kitchen feel bright and light. Patterns can also add interest.

Choose Cabinetry – White kitchen cabinets are timeless. Try a light- finish countertops or mix and match lighter cabinetry together with your dark ones. You just might be surprised with this smart makeover that can make your kitchen look elegant.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures – Since the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms, it should make a statement for its style and look. To obtain a dramatic look in your kitchen, three essential fixtures should match your kitchen’s style:

· Recessed Lighting

· Surface Lighting

· Pendent Lighting

· Canned Ceiling Lights

Recessed lighting is particularly used for above counter space and over kitchen tables.

To enlighten your kitchen, surface lighting is another option that adds a unique design element to any kitchen.

An essential lighting fixture for the kitchen is pendent lighting that brings focus on specific areas in your kitchen.

Every fixture has its own benefits, so find the best one for a beautiful kitchen.

Colourful Accessories – Adding vibrant coloured accessories can give a final touch of brightness to the decor. Showcase a collection of brightly coloured dishes in an open cabinet or display bright paintings to add a vivid look for your kitchen.

You can skip an expensive remodel by adding these easy upgrades to your kitchen.