Some Great, Easy And Joyful Decorating Ideas For Your Home

If you are thinking about decorating or renovating your home, it does not always need to be an expensive activity. You can make your home a million bucks without spending much of your fortunes. There are many extremely simple and easy to implement ideas that will transform your dull home into something spectacular without cutting much of your pocket.

Simple Home Decor Ideas:

Following are some of the simplest yet cost effective ideas to look forward to.

  • Chic Room Divider:

You can divide a large, unspecified and unused space into smaller areas and rooms simply by using sheer drapes. In this regard, pale blue sheer drapes will create a sensationally beautiful and glowing color that will give the impression of a painted wall. The transparent drapes will also impart a new life to the room in addition with providing plenty of natural light.

  • Floating Tapestry:

You can make a dull room extremely charismatic and colorful by hanging tapestry fabric behind things like dressers. These multicolored tapestries will not only lend a thrilling atmosphere to the room but will also cover the blank and boring walls as well.

  • Quite Headboard:

You just need to purchase a wooden drapery rod and two brackets in addition with hanging hardware and paint them in the color of bedroom walls. Then install the brackets immediately above the bed at the length you desire followed by putting the rod in the place. Now drape the quilt over the rod with bottom edges lining up to make it hang evenly. This setup will provide a calm and tranquil environment in your bedroom making it a relaxing retreat.

  • Towel Holders:

Vintage glass knobs can still be used as an attractive and eye catching towel holders. You can find different types of knobs from flea markets and sales yards as the mix assortment will always look nice and enticing.

  • Inspiration Board:

If you happen to work at home, you can personalize your work space with gentle whimsical touches. For instance, you can cover your corkboard with burlap alongside festooning it with fabric swatches, photographs, antiques, artworks such as personalised canvas prints, and off course notes.

  • Desk Set:

You definitely need offices supplies for your home office but it does not mean that you have to buy them from office supply stores. For example, an elegant test tube holder can house pens, a decanter can really become a lab breaker and a colorful piece of leather can become a captivating mouse pad.


You do not always need to spend huge amount of money on house decor and renovating projects. There are many simple yet extremely effective methods to adorn your home in style and above mentioned are some of those.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Anderson is a dedicated photographer and writes on interior designing & decoration. He took photo and print on different Canvases,  which looks amazing with great quality Canvas along bright colors scheme.