How to replace a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is used to shred the food waste into the small pieces. It runs regularly and keeps it clean properly. You can run the garbage disposal with the running cold water and it solidifies the grease or oil on the ground. Whether you are not professional but you can easily know how to replace the garbage disposal. You can easily fix and replace the garbage disposal at your home. It removes the jammed, clogged and leaking things into the small pieces and keep the surrounding place neat and clean in a perfect way.

Here are some of the best and useful tips to replace the garbage disposal:

Get ready for the project: To get ready for the project you make it sure you have all the important parts. You need to turn off the power to the disposal from the circuit broker box. Due to this, you can easily check out the amperage of the circuit to make sure the disposal is not over loaded. You will see the amperage on the breaker switch.
• Make sure have the proper and accurate equipment’s and utility products.
• Go for the installation carefully and wisely.
• Check the leakage procedure in the end.
• Turn the power on.

Remove the drain arm tube wisely and correctly: To replace the garbage disposal you need to disconnect the drain arm from the disposal unit and you can use the pliers to lose the spring clamp. It holds the dishwasher from the drain. After the previous process, you can remove the dishwasher drain arm tube from the main unit.

Remove the disposal unit: With the help of mounting nut you can easily take out the disposal unit. After this, you can dump out the remaining water and remove the plate which is connected with the electric connection. You can remove the nuts, screws and pull the cable out to completely remove the disposal unit.

Installation of the new hardware: For the garbage disposal installation you can install the new hardware. But going through such process you need to place the rubber seal on the underside of the drainage flange. Some of the disposal does not come with the rubber seal. In this case, you can use the plumber’s putty. You can easily push the drain flange into the drainage hole easily. After placing another rubber seal you can attach the metal backup ring. Some of the units come with metallic and some are plastic.

Use the mounting ring to attach: You need to attach the mounting ring loosely with the help of three screws. After using the snap ring you can easily push the mounting ring up and secure it.

Preparation of the new disposal: You can use the hammer and other utility things to remove the old dishwasher drain with the knockout plug process. You can turn the disposal upside down and shake it to make it sure there is something inside it. After this, you can remove the electric plate and easily and carefully pull the electric wires from the garbage disposal unit. You can screw the strain relief and sleeves into place by pushing the electrical cables through the sleeve into the disposal unit. After this process, you can easily tighten the sleeve.

Final procedure: After the previous installation steps, you can go for the final procedure and connect the electrical wires. You can connect the ground wire to green screw and replace the cover plate in the garbage disposal. To check out the final installation you can tilt the disposal and check the properly aligned. You can run the water from the side to check the leakage and then turn the power back on.