Quartz stone wholesale supplier in the UK

Classic Quartz Stone in the UK is an import company, stocking supplies wholesale Quartz stone slabs, marble range and many other products to the constriction fields as well as both commercial and residential. We supply and provide services at wholesale throughout in the UK.

Products range:

Our products include marble range, classic range, premier range, slabs, brillo ranges and many more others, as well as custom-made quartz stone surfacing.  These items we supply are applied to bath counter tops and kitchens, as well as flooring, fireplace and wall coverings.


Complete with the stock room is virtual showrooms for a huge range of various colors quartz slabs that we provide. Architects, designers, house owners and builders are encouraged to visit our site or wholesale stock room to pick the colors and items they need for their amazing projects. Classic Quartz Stone then coordinates with their selected fabricators to send the chosen material for the finished work. Classic Quartz Stone also maintains an architectural cut to the measure section for bigger projects that can be manufactured across the UK.

Quartz stone Surfaces:

Quartz stone is one of the sturdy materials on earth, creating it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. Classic Quartz Stone is now stocking a range of Quartz Stone slabs suitable for your bath, kitchen surfaces. Recent advance developments in the making of these enormous quartz stone slabs have allowed producers to replicate a few of Mother Nature’s best-looking stones. While granite stone remains the topper countertops materials for all house owners and builders, there is a new and amazing contender. Classic Quartz Stone offers a range of the similar advantages as granite stone, including beauty, strength, and durability. Even though, it also provides sole perks.

Quartz stone Countertops are almost everlasting:

There’re few Quartz stone countertops build from Quarried rock, but the most is an engineered content build from natural Quartz. The developing procedure makes extreme durable countertops which are as close to the everlasting as you can get.

Quartz stone offers outstanding Design Possibilities:

If you wish to get creative with your kitchen or bath countertops, quartz is an elegant option. Quartz stone is a flexible item which can be held in place with epoxy in its place of screws this means it can be applied to shower enclosures, wall, and backlashes without visible any seams.

Our strengths

Classic Quartz Stone in the UK is based our own out the depth of range of materials, knowledge, network of whole supplier and regular shipments, which provide us unrivaled access to a lot of the finest stones. This also enables us to provide clients a rapid and competitive service.

At Classic Quartz Stone we are quartz stone wholesale supplier in the UK. For Quartz & Porcelain Slabs Wholesale Prices, please call us now!