How to Pull Off a Minimalist Home Design

They say less is more, and when it comes to designing a home, it can’t be any more accurate. In fact, minimalism is more than just a design philosophy these days, but a way of life. It is the art of simplicity, exercising restraint, and achieving a place of clarity. In home design, it is not just what you put out there, but what you take out to simplify form, function, and detail.

Modern minimalist designs complement clean and open layouts of condo spaces. Given the limited square footage, condo owners are careful not to complicate things. They aim to keep everything clean, simple, and unassuming but warm, cozy, and stylish.

If you are thinking of doing some home improvements and pare down elements in your condo or if you are looking into moving in to a new condo and starting fresh, it helps to have a guide to achieve modern minimalist designs.

Open it up

Most condos have open layouts, giving homeowners the flexibility they need. You might feel the urge to divide rooms and corners, but that could make the space even smaller than it already is. It is best to maintain an open floor plan between the kitchen and living areas that will enable you to maximize space, enjoy an excellent flow from room to room, and have a relaxed and informal space. Eliminating doorways and divisions will add to a sense of spaciousness and would encourage more shared experiences among family members.

In lieu of bulky dividers and doorways, you may use carpet or rugs to signal the end and beginning of a room. Wall paper or paint can also set the demarcation. An open, waist-high storage can also subtly divide rooms in the condo.

Keep it clean and light

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay 

Most modern minimalist condos have one similar quality in them: they are light and airy. Given that there are just basic  furnishings, there is more space to breathe. The uncluttered aesthetic is also enhanced with light or neutral-colored surfaces, clean detailing, and abundance of natural light. Window treatments are not dark and heavy to usher in light and transform the condo into a more breathable space.

The lines are also kept clean and uncomplicated. Cabinets, panels, and window details are clean and crisp. The use of color is simple and subdued hues are clean, fresh, and calming. That does not mean your space will be bland and boring. You can complement a neutral base with earthy browns, tans, and blues.

Throw out clutter 

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It may not be easy to let go of some of the things that you have been used to. But in achieving minimalism in home design, you need to carefully pare down your belongings and decide which ones you actually need.

Ask yourself what should be eliminated, what should be stored, what can be sold, and what can be upcycled. Stop being too sentimental about certain things. Make this a habit and come back to each room with fresh eyes regularly. You will find that the process to simplify gets easier each time.

Have you ever heard of the one in, one out policy? This seeks to address the dilemma of accumulating too much clutter over time. Your empty drawers are not going to remain empty for far too long. You would be surprised at how much stuff you’ll gather over a few months. With this philosophy, you have to take one item out if you decide to take one item in. This means you really have to think hard about every purchase because you must have to let go of something that has been there for quite a while.

Invest in storage

It will also help to assign storage all over the condo. Keep things out of sight by employing condo storage space hacks that will motivate you to keep things in order. Use unassuming spaces such as the one under your bed, the staircase, or the couch. You can also try to invest in stylish storage that double as décor. But be careful to not treat storage as a place where all garbage goes but where rarely used things are stored such as bed sheets, towels, coats, books, and toys.

Turn up the texture 

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Neutral tones can feel cold and empty for some. The solution: texture. This is a foolproof guide for anyone trying to embrace the minimalist code. Throw in knitted pillows, soft rugs, odd-shaped décor, etc. Just remember to maintain a similar tone for the space to look collected. For example, hang an earthy-colored art against a beige wall or go for gray throw pillows on an ecru couch.

Go with classics, but not on impulse

You have little to work with on pared-back aesthetic. This is why you have to ensure that every single item is worth the space it was provided with. Keep your goal in mind whenever you need to make a decision on what to bring inside your condo. Examine each piece carefully and always go for quality and not quantity. Go for well-made pieces that were built to last.

This should also benefit your budget. Minimalism is about investing on form and function that lasts. Remember: classics over trends. Save yourself some hard-earned cash and forget impulse buys on trendy items.

Going minimalistic means simplifying your life. You take only what you need. You focus your energy and resources on things that are really important. It means having a space that is uncomplicated and unassuming yet functional and stylish.