Office next door: A Professional’s Paradise

Commuting has become a major headache for working professionals residing in Bengaluru. Late arrivals, delayed meetings and let’s not forget the exertion of driving on congested roads; all this leads to unnecessary wastage of precious time and is annoying to reach office at snail’s pace. Long travels cause loss of productive hours and adversely affect productivity. In such a scenario, living next to one’s office and avoiding struggling through traffic is indeed a dream- come -true. The good news is that North Bengaluru, today offers unequalled charms of living next to your workplace!  

Choosing the perfect place next to office

Here is a list of points that I feel are important factors while choosing an apt place to stay:

  • Cost of living: It includes your overall expenses starting from PG/ flat rent, daily food expense, travel expense, other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Accommodation costs: Cost of monthly rent, caution money expense etc.
  • Location: Nearby hospitals, banks, malls, schools, eateries, restaurants etc.
  • Connectivity and transport: Connectivity with major commercial areas of Bengaluru such as the airport, railway stations, major bus depots, metro stations, IT hubs, etc. Transport options from AC/ Non-AC buses, cabs or autos, metros, etc.

infrastructure  for luxury villas for sale

Choosing North Bangalore: An enviable option

Owing to proximity to the airport, ring road, metro connectivity, flyovers, and large infrastructure projects, North Bengaluru has become a hotspot for new residential and commercial developments and a preferred living destination for working professionals. The impact of infrastructure  for luxury villas for sale is quite apparent in North Bengaluru.

The region is seamlessly connected to the rest of the city through a network of public transport means like metro, cabs, buses, and autos. Fast growing areas like Devanahalli, Yelahanka, Hebbal, Banaswadi, and Thanisandra have become popular owing to their relatively low prices and nearness to commercial zones. With the construction of several new flyovers and large infrastructural projects, North Bengaluru has become a hotspot for new residential and commercial developments and will very soon be the preferred living destination for working professionals.

Traveling from Nelamangala area has become easier through the (ORR) Outer Ring Road plus NH 207, which makes the journey easier to Devanahalli. Access to the city has become easy via Bellary Road.

Benefits of Living in North Bengaluru

Saves time & money: Because of good road connectivity to North Bengaluru from all corners, one can save a lot of time, which would otherwise have been spent on public transport or in a car. Also by living in North Bengaluru, vehicle owners can reduce fuel cost both in terms of improved mileage (due to good roads) and wear and tear of the vehicle (which means low maintenance cost for the vehicle).

Flexibility: North Bengaluru gives you greater flexibility in terms of daily schedule.  Good road connectivity and an effective transport system ensure timely arrival and greater productivity.

Thus, living in North Bengaluru is the perfect choice for working professionals. Avoiding the daily hassles of congested travelling surely ensures more productivity, better work-life balance and paves the way for a stress-free, happy life.