Making your Bedroom Trendy and Comfortable

A bedroom is a place where one seeks comfort, and relaxation from but also one which reflects the personality and way of living of a person, it has also been found by a team from Boston university that 57% of the people who do not have a room according their own taste end up depressed and it adversely affects mood and self-esteem. So it needs to be aptly and carefully decorated—one time effort on doing so can go a long way as a bedroom is constant that endures and shares the most private and precious of moments in life. But that might not be the easiest thing to do as often if one isn’t careful a small space always feels stuffed and seems like there is not enough space for anything and that it would be impossible to give it a face lift because of the lack of space. And so one lets go and clothes start to pile up on a chair or some other piece of furniture which no longer is used for its original purpose, the bed and floor gets littered with books and notes or magazines and on top of all that there is a capacious rack with a disarray of miscellaneous items. A T.V, supposed to be the center piece of the room sits amongst the mess. Shoes and stuff occupy floor area and you stub your toe moving inside your own room. So since when did a hoarder hijack your room? Well it happened when you decided to let go of the room with the lack of spaciousness as the excuse.

Now while this might not be a gross exaggeration of your room -; this is the direction you are in if the room isn’t straightened out. So how can one make efficient use of the small space? There are certain things you can do in order to reorganize it and make it trendy and comfortable.

So what to do? Where to start? There is a lot that can be done about it:

  1. Motivation is the first step because it takes some effort to reorganize. So start with something relaxing: put on a song, take a bath etc.
  2. Clean your room, space is often occupied by things you don’t need so this is a must: identify the disposables in your room—like used deodorant bottles, wrappers etc. clear out the things that don’t belong in a room; dirty dishes and stuff like, throw away the disposables.
  3. Now that you are left with belongings you have to sort through them. This can be done by making rows, columns and piles for example you can put all your electronic gadgets in one place, all your clothes in another, a pile for print media (books, magazines, notes) and so on. Once the piles are made sift through them one by one and then decide what is required and what isn’t, what is dispensable and what isn’t. The initial piles can be further divided into ‘keep’ and ‘not keep’ piles for each separate pile, some things you would want to throw away and others that you would want to give away or sell e.g. you can throw away an old book with pages missing or torn up or a device that no longer works; keep an cell phone which does work and sell any old books or devices which you have no longer any use for. You can work through each of your piles one by one in a similar way.
  4. Remove all your piles from the room. Take measurements of your room and try and imagine the volume of free space that will be left after you’ve replaced all your belongings. This can be very helpful because now you have an idea about what goes where.
  5. Now that you’re done with organization, cleanliness and spaciousness and basically have made your room neat, now you come to making it look better.
  6. Matching the furniture is of utmost importance because something might be useful but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for the room. If you have a variety of items of you can divide your room into portions and place furniture of a similar color or matching in structure in those particularly assigned portions.
  7. Select wallpaper or paint in accordance with your taste and refresh your walls because that will definitely improve the quality of the space.
  8. Once the sorting and discarding is done you’re left with all that is required. So now you come to giving your room a facelift. You can go about this in several ways, you can think of a theme or you can simply have a more systematic approach. The main thing is how you manage your space:
  • There needs to be space for movement in the room, it can’t be crowded out otherwise you’ll end up back where you started.
  • Select a focal point of the room, and a focal object like a bed or a T.V or a computer—anything which you feel is appropriate—obviously it should be one of the more space occupying items and one you use more often than others.
  • Start from the center, the first space your furniture occupies should be at the center.
  • The more Floor that is left unoccupied the better; so what can be useful are wall hanging racks and furniture instead of something that sits on the floor—this way the room will look more spacious.
  • The floor can also be decorated with a rug or a carpet, depending on the climate, cold places are better suited to wall to wall carpeting while warm or dusty places are better suited with rugs.
  • And add things like a laundry basket if you can that will help keep the room looking good.
  1. Comfort is foremost so bed and chairs should all be pillowed and cushioned up.

And there you have it: you have a Clean, Comfortable, Organized, and Beautiful bedroom. Now you can relax with ease and comfort and traipse around without stubbing your toe—well maybe not after all it’s a room not a hall but still it’s better than the weary dankness that was your room previously. Cheers.

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  1. A really great post, would apply some of the tips to my cramped up place.

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