How To Install Laminate Flooring

Are you bored of the old carpet at home and want to alter it with laminate flooring? Read below to know how easily you can do away with the dull and boring carpets at home and install laminate flooring all by yourself:

Step 1: The first thing that you will have to do is removing the old carpet. It is easy. Take a sharp knife and pull up the carpet starting from the side of the walls across the doorway. You will be able to pull up the old carpet with easy. Make sure to start from the sides to prevent any mess.

Step 2: Carpet padding or carpet grippers will also have to be removed. Use a hammer to remove the grippers. Wracking bars can also be used to remove padding and grippers. This would take some manpower. In case you are doing it alone, take help of some male friends so you can complete it quickly. You will have to clean all the wood and even the baseboard before you install laminate flooring. The floor should be, in fact, leveled before installing the laminate flooring.

Step 3: Once the floor is clean and all leveled up. Lay down the planks to get an idea as how many plans you can install easily and the areas that may require trimming of the planks. This will also allow you to get an idea of the number of planks needed to cover one floor.

Step 4: Apply underlayment on the floor to help the laminate planks stay on and allow you to walk on them easily. Underlayment helps cover any gaps or even bumps on the floor.

Step 5: Use a table saw to cut the plank as per the area that needs to be covered. Lay down an untrimmed plank against the wall while leaving a ¼ inch space between the plank and the wall. Make sure you maintain the exact distance between each plank and wall.

Step 6: Once you have laid all the full-sized planks, it to cut and trim the planks to fill the area that requires small planks. Use the table saw to cut the planks. Make sure to measure the size before you cut the planks.

Step 7: Continue the process to the rest of the room. You will have to cut some of the planks to cover the entire area. So, keep the table saw handy all the time.

Step 8: Once all the area has been covered with the planks, it is time to finish the work with a little finishing touch. The sides of the planks are required to be covered to give the floor a complete look. Install transition strips starting from the entries and the areas where the floor meets. If you have placed any spacer between wall and pranks, it is time to remove them as well. Any extra underlayment will also have to be removed.

That’s it. You are done with installing the laminate floor. Don’t return or give away any plank to someone. Keep a few with you as you may need them to repair any patches in the future.