Incense Holder Tiny Necessity

Incense holders are one of such things that have tiny size but serve important purposes. Incense sticks, more commonly known as agarbatti making machine manufacturer Ahmedabad, are an inseparable part of various religious rituals. They would not be of any use without a stand to hold them in place. Incense holders are essential utilities as they are the only things which could fulfil this purpose. They come in different varieties of materials and patterns.


The burners for agarbattis are usually made up of brass, ceramic, glass or wood. Brass is popularly used for making decorative items due to its attractive gold-like appearance. Some varieties of this alloy are corrosion-resistant, hence more durable in the surroundings where constant oxidation takes place. Both of these properties make it an ideal material to be used for producing incense holders. Ceramic and glass burners are fragile but look extremely charming. Wooden stands have unique kind of elegance to them.

Few of them are made up of pure silver and gold or simply have their plating. Such varieties are perfect for gifting purposes. Metallic ones can be studded with artificial or semi-precious gemstones.


The holders come in countless patterns. Some have shapes of flowers like rose or lotus. Few have intricate carvings, while the others have idols of deities inscribed over them. The feng shui patterned burners come in the shapes of tortoise or laughing buddhas. Some have themes of creatures like elephants and dragons. Few burners are adorned with human figurines or small idols of gods.

Hanging incense burners are the speciality of Tibet. They usually have chains fastened to them and can be hung at the desired place. Some agarbatti stands are in the form of a box, generally wooden. They can double-up as storage cases for aromatic sticks. Some are designed in such a way that agarbatti ash can be collected in them. Such burners usually have narrow and broad structures.


Incense holders can have single or multiple holes in which the stick is supposed to be fixed. The aromatic sticks have varying widths. They should be chosen in a way which ensures that they fit properly into the burner’s hole. Moreover, it is necessary to take proper precautions while moving the burner along with burning aromatic sticks from one place to the other. It should never be kept over or near inflammable surfaces such as plastic or paper.

Where there is an incense stick, there has to be an incense holder. These stands are available in innumerable varieties in traditional markets as well as e-shopping websites. You have great freedom to choose from number of options and beautify your place of daily worship or meditation with them.