How You Can Save On Energy Costs

Are you fed up with high energy bills at your home? Bringing the energy cost down is not such a big task for you to accomplish. You can save thousands of dollars just by running a well-organized household. You can make it with just few effortless improvements and minute adjustments to your home appliances like doors and windows, the water and sewage system, hydroelectricity and home maintenance. The best way to start saving is to realize how you use the energy. Here are some tips on how to transform your home to save thousands of energy bills by reducing your energy consumption.

Fixing Leaky Windows and Doors at Home

In Canada, most of the people spend an amount of $1400 per year as energy cost. Among those, nearly 30% of the energy loss occurs due to leaky windows and doors installed at home. These should be checked properly, and the areas where the air is leaking should be sealed. It is possible to reduce the energy loss by 50% with the installation of energy efficient windows and weather-stripping doors. This way of reducing energy loss helps them to save around 200 dollars in the annual cost of energy.

Reduce Water Bills with Low Flow Renovations

An average family with four members spends more than $700 annually for household water and sewage activities such as showering, laundry, flushing toilets and running dishwashers. This can be reduced by $500 per year with the installation of energy efficient low-flush toilets and faucets. The use of efficient faucets in kitchen and bathroom saves 32% of water usage and reduces the water cost by $50/year. Opting low flow shower heads also facilitates water savings of up to 60% and thereby helps to decrease $50/year in water bills. Normally the usage of traditional toilets by four people drains around 13.2 litres of water that costs $2 per day whereas the low-flush toilets drain only 6 litres of water that costs $1 daily.

Turn off Lights and Hydro Appliances after Use

How many of us turn off the lights while leaving a room? It should be done if we are moving for more than 10 minutes. The right way to cut down the energy bills is to change all the traditional light bulbs to energy-saving ones. An average Canadian family has to pay around $125 for the electricity bill per month. With the usage of energy efficient light bulbs like CFL’s and LED’s, they can save up to 85% of the overall energy costs. If calculated, the lifespan of the LED and CFL bulbs are 3-25 times more than that of the non-energy efficient bulbs. Make sure that all the hydro appliances are turned off or unplugged when you leave the room.

Reduce the Energy Cost by Efficient Home Maintenance

Maintaining the home is necessary. Spending on home repairs and maintenance is more costly and stressful if compared to the daily expenses. It will be more expensive if the products are unclean and to be repaired. Families with repair ducts and furnaces have to spend more than 8000 dollars per year for the maintenance tasks. A seasonal servicing and repair of ducts and furnaces and cleanup of gutters and downspouts at home helps to avoid leaks and damages, and thereby saves up to 5000 dollars per year. The use of natural gas in place of oil furnace also saves thousands of dollars every year.

Replace Non-efficient Products with Energy Saving Products

Save your energy and money by replacing the traditional products that drain a lot of energy with energy saving products. This is a great way for you to save energy cost up to 12% per year. By installing the high quality and energy saving tools and appliances, you can cut your annual energy bills.

Make sure that all your appliances are in proper working condition. The dryers and washing machine saves 20%, whereas, the dishwashers save nearly 70% of energy. Refrigerators save up to 57 dollar per year. Changing to CFL and LED bulbs and low-flow water systems saves more hydro energy and water. These types of high efficient devices and regular maintenance can make your home run smoothly and save on energy costs.


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