How Window Film Can Help You Stay Warm in The Winter and Save You Money on Energy Costs

While many people have discovered the benefits of window tinting to keep their homes cool and glare-free during the summer, window film continues to be a greatly underutilized application to save you money on heating during the winter. For starters, many people are under the assumption that window tinting and window film are the same thing. Window tinting refers to the shade of window film, often being used to reduce glare on the inside and allow privacy from those outside. The window film itself is what blocks the UV rays, helps decrease humidity, and preserve the interior of your home.

Many people do not realize that window film is actually very beneficial to have year-around and can save significant money on heating costs during the winter. During the coldest month of the winter you may be spending over a third of your energy costs on heating alone. When preparing for a cheaper winter many people use more traditional methods such as caulking, adding insulation, or just making it a point to keep the fireplace going. Window film can actually help reduce heat loss in your home by around 75%. Here are the ways in which window film actively keeps heat inside of your home while decreasing unwanted humidity and saving you money on energy costs:

  1. 1.      Traps Heat

Through conduction of cold air through the glass, many windows let out a certain amount of heat when the heavy winter air blows against them. Window film acts as a reflector to trap heat within by reducing the amount cold air conducted through the glass. In other words it keeps the heat, and thus your money, from being sucked out through the windows.

  1. 2.      Reduces Humidity

Window film is a huge help to tacking humidity and reducing moisture problems in the home. It’s good to stay warm but there are times when people start to get sweaty and decide to turn the heat off. A lot more money is spent re-heating the house when the temperature drops than holding a gradual temperature. Less humidity also means less condensation and moisture. You want to be warm during the winter but not so muggy that increases the chances of developing mold on in more dense areas of the house.

  1. 3.      Eliminates the Need for Portable Heaters

As your windows reflect heat back throughout the house it travels back into each and every room. This helps to keep every part of the house comfortable much like a commercial heating system, only a lot less expensive.

Whether you live in a house with a fireplace or more sophisticated heating system window film can serve as both a less laboring and less costly alternative to keep your home warm during the winter. If you enjoy the privacy and style of tinting your windows you can still do that as well. Regardless of how you dress them, window film can go a long way to keeping your house comfortable and your wallet full.

Nicholas Haywood is a writer and home décor enthusiast with Vista Films. He is a green lifestyle advocate who enjoys helping people find cost-effective methods of comfortable living.