How to Lay Sod

Laying the sod is really an interesting job. To give a luxurious touch to your home you can install the sod and create a wonderful ground painting. It enhances the home’s lawn beauty and also improves the soil than any other plant takes place. If you are planning to install sod in your backyard or lawn then you should keep in mind some of the important things that can help in saving your time and money. You just need a little effort and take your home to the next level with incredible beauty. For the lush green lawn, you need to install the sod with step by step.

Keep in mind the following steps for laying Sod in your home:

Test the soil: Before installing the sod in the lawn it is very important to check out the quality of the soil. With the help of soil test kit, you can easily test the soil. Well-aerated soil gives the turf grass thrive rather than the acidic side. You can gather the soil from nearby places and test the quality of the soil. You can mix the soil into the bag and get the result on perfect time. It helps in recognizing the quality of soil for laying Sod in the home.

Measure the lawn area for laying sod: After checking out the soil quality you need to measure the lawn area for laying the sod. It is very important to be careful when it comes to measuring the place for laying sod. To fit around the curves you need to order roughly 5 percent extra. You can order for the sod within 24 hours after the cutting. If you get the sod after one day then it will be unworthy to keep.

• Measure correctly the area.
• Order for the sod
• Apply the installation methods.

Dig and turf the installation: You can dig the organic matter into soil carefully. Use the rototiller to lose the soil to the perfect depth from 6 to 8 inches. If you find any kind of debris like rock then remove it. Add the organic matter up to 2 to 3 inches. The organic matter is very helpful in improving the soil aeration and improves and enhances the chances of microbial into the soil for the betterment of the laying Sod.

Unroll and lay the turf in rows: It is the most important part and steps you are going to take ahead. You need to keep concentrate and start laying the turf along with the straight edge. You can lay the sod at one time and end to end. To avoid the airy pocket in the sod and soil, you need to place the pat sod carefully and work to smooth out any wrinkles.

Roll the sod: To roll the sod you can use the lawn roller. You can push the sod against the soil beneath and create the tight connection between the sod and soil which is the perfect secret to knit the sod into the soil.

Sprinkle and water on sod: Water and sprinkle on the newly grown sod daily. You need to continue the water on sod daily until the rain arrives. After the one week, you can reduce the water as you are giving to sod right now. Watering on the sod, make the sod lush, thick and healthy in a natural way.

Fertilize the grass: Near about four weeks, you can apply the fertilizer to grass and avoid the heavy activity and duty on the sod. But you can continue watering it and make it lush every day. It keeps the home lush green and enhances the beauty of the home.