How to Lay Carpet

Carpet is used to cover the floor and it is used for the variety of purposes. It keeps the room comfortable and a person can sit on it. It is available in many colors and any can install it in the desired color according to the structure and design of the rooms. People can easily lay the carpets without any kind of other’s help. Installing the carpet is a job that you can do by yourself.  It is only challenging for the size of the rolls and limited area. Laying the carpet with the carpet pad is the wonderful solution for an individual. It does not require much hard work and easy to install in living room and basement.

Here are some of the general information and steps to lay the carpet in a well mannered and professional way:

1. Get started: First of all before laying the carpets you need to collect the nails, hammer and other tools which are essential to install the carpets. So, you can use the tools on perfect time and easily lay the carpets without any kind of trouble. During laying the carpet, no glue or adhesive is used to hold the carpet to floor.

2. Avoid lumps and bumps of carpet: It is better to install the carpet by the perfect measurement of the room. You need to measure the perimeter of place which is very important to avoid and prevent the place from lumps and bumps. Before taking the step ahead you need the wooden tack strip which runs around the perimeter of the room. You need to nail the wooden tack strip around the wall and the small points stick the wooden tack strip and grab the carpets hold once it gets stretch over the tack strip.

3. Keep the equal distance: The tack strip you installed should be away from the wall with the complete equal distance to the thickness of the carpet that you are going to install. You just need to keep in mind about the equal distance which makes the task easier for you. A little change in distance or measure can create the difficulty during laying carpet.

• The tack strip should be spaced away.
• Keep the equal distance to the thickness.

4. Use the tools: Furthermore, it is the time to use the tools for laying carpet pad. You can staple the carpet after placing it within the tackle strip layout. You need to trim the pad with the use of utility knife. To meet the two pieces of duct tape you can easily seal the joints.

• Place the carpet pad within tack strip.
• Staple the carpet to the subfloor.
• Trim the pad with use of knife.
• Seal the joints.

5. Install the carpet in perfect position: After trimming and cutting the carpets you can loosely layout the carpet in perfect position. Make it sure it moves less. The most important part of laying carpet is to use the tools wisely and correctly. Now you need to get the carpet over the spike of the tack strip. It makes the carpet stretcher and kicker.

5. Double cut method: The seams will be cut with the use of double cut methods. All the pieces will join with the seaming tape. You can place the tape under the seam and use the seaming iron to lift the laying carpet. After this step, you can easily press the carpet down and direction it to the tape side. It is very easy to install and easy to spread too.

Thus anyone can easily lay the carpets in a professional way with the use of accurate tools and utility products. It is the best and easiest process to lay the carpet.