How to distress wood?

Distressing the wood can never go out weathered. Although it is an old technique but a perfect option in creating the incredible distress wooden. Now you do not need to go anywhere and apply the easiest and convenient option to distress the wood at home. It helps in saving the time and money and it is a fraction of the price too. Now you can easily modify the distressed wood by staying at home and create the cheap to a chic wood with the use of high technology equipment and instruments. You can combine the treatment in your own way and get the distressed wood in the way you desire to want for you. Here are some of the best and excellent options to distress the wood in your way.

Get the cheap wood: Before taking the step ahead it is better to work on project wisely which works with the convenient method. To distress wood, you can take the cheap wood because it already gets damage and you won’t need to buy the expensive wood. The cheap comes with more knots and some of the other surface imperfection which adds the effect the distressing. For this, you can go with the cheap wood and skip the expensive wood which is not so beneficial for distressing the wood. Use the high quality cheap wood.

• Effect of the equipments on the distress wood
• Beat the wood to the dense.
• Apply the stains and distress wood appealing.

Beat the cheap wood: When it comes to comparing the old wood to the new wood, then old wood is far better for the various purposes. If you want to add the texture on the wood then you can go with the cheap wood. For this, you need to have the hard equipment like a hammer to beat it up accurately. You can add the large screws to create the space pattern. You can use the hard and long screws to beat on the wood for the betterment of the texture. With these experiments, you can dense result with perfect shape and texture on the distress wood board. Surely I give the pleasant result.

Use the wire brush tools:To clean the rough surface of the wood, you can use the wire brush. It perfectly fits into your drill. For the better result, you can use the soft wood which helps in which help in creating the textures with great ease and convenient. You can load the wire brush for distress wood and chuck on the drill. You can easily move the brush over the wood until it cleans deeply. The brush is very helpful in digging out the fibers from the wood. For the better outcome, you can apply the high pressure of the brush and create the wonderful texture. Although the task is messy so make sure you should wear the mask.

For visual appealing: If you apply the stain to wood then surely it turns the imperfection into perfection. The stains gathered in the divots and make the area much darker for the perfect and beautiful visual appealing. If you collect the more strains, it provides the wonderful result. Further for the better improvement in the distressed wood, you can use the tea staining which is the perfect option to create the wonderful texture on the wood. The chemical reaction turns the wood color dark. You can brush the tea on wood and allow it to soak for some time.

The subtractive methods are perfect to distress wood in a brilliant way. You can use the scraping, white wash pickling and build up the layer of the distress wood. If you keep in mind the methods then surely you can create the awesome and amazing texture on the wood.