How to Decorate Around an Exposed Brick Wall

Brick walls look great around a house. They provide some classic feeling and an aesthetic that brings some interesting options when choosing to decorate it. When deciding to decorate a brick wall first notice how much brick wall there is to work with. Regardless how small or large the brick wall space covers there is always some type of creative decoration that can be done. Next, notice the room or rooms the brick walls are located. Shelves are always a good choice to use on brick walls in the kitchen, living room or bedrooms. Once the shelves have been properly placed they can now be used for pictures, plants or small mirrors. You can decide to add shelves and other such holders to make space for more decorations as well.

How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall2

How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall

Remember that all of this creativity when decorating the brick walls is going to take time, leaving very little time for home cleaning up later. To keep your focus on the decorating check into cleaning services and their house cleaners who have experience with home cleaning and are able to work around your creation. While you are working on your decorating this can also give the cleaners time to do any other house cleaning that might need to be done.

Instead of just painting the brick wall with another colour use your imagination and paint a mural on the brick walls. Even if you are not satisfied with the picture, you can always start again until you get it the way you want it. The different colours of bricks are a great background for the holidays, especially Christmas time since the colour red is used in numerous Christmas decorations. Place several hooks on the bricks in whatever shape you prefer, such as a Christmas tree and hook bright colourful lights on the bricks.

How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall

After all the work is done, you might need those cleaning services we mentioned earlier. Bricks are a nice view, but they can be the source of quite a lot of messes. Work to get the place cleaned so that you can start enjoying the results of your work as soon as possible. If you are not too tired from the decoration work, you can simply get a brush and a bag and do the clean-up yourself as well, of course. Just get the area looking as pleasant as possible.

Once all of the brick walls are decorated to your satisfaction, invite people over to show how the brick walls stand out. Before all the decorating and cleaning was done they looked like ordinary brick walls, but now they add a pleasant quality to any room in your home.