How to Choose Furniture for your Office

An office is intended for a commercial furniture purpose, hence all what you are spending to build your office has to add value to your business. Office furniture serves two purposes – Utility and Branding.

From a utility perspective the office furniture needs to be adequate to meet your storage needs and also accommodate comfortable seating and workstation for employees. From a branding perspective, your office furniture speaks about your personality and the way you conduct your business. Any potential employee or client visiting your office will gather an impression about your business from the way your office space is managed and the kind of furniture that is in use.

So while you are putting your office furniture in place, make sure you do all that it takes to keep your employees comfortable and cast a good impression on visitors.

A Few Tips that will Help you Choose the Right Furniture 


# The furniture you choose has to gel with the type of business you are in

Not all furniture would suit all types of business. The office furniture used in a customer care office has to be different from that used in an office of a software company. The furniture in a customer care office is generally designed after considering the profile of the customer.

For instance, a bank branch office that caters only to high net worth individuals would like to have very sophisticated furniture.A front office of an interior design company should have very innovative stuff as office furniture, because a potential customer is going to take clue of your abilities and skills from what he is seeing at your office. An office where employees are supposed to be seated for long hours together, should take special care that the office chair is ergonomically designed. An ergonomic office chair would help the productivity of your employees and also preserve their health.

# Know the Constraints

While you would want to have the best of office furniture for your office, there are practical constraints like office space that you have and the budget you can spare. Most start-ups genuinely face these problems and they would prefer to limit their spending on items that are not directly impacting their ability to do business. You may also opt to choose an interior designer to help you cope up with limitations and still come up with a design that serves the purpose.

# Potential Employee Count

While the existing count of employees would obviously decide your furniture needs, but more important is the forecasted increase in employee count during a course of time. If it is a start-up, an increase in employee strength over course of time is very natural and expected. You should keep provision for such an increase in employee count, while you order your office furniture. 

# Storage Requirement

Storage needs are generally difficult to estimate in advance and are dynamic as well. A computer server has been able to curtail storage needs in a big way, but the importance of papers still persists. If there are only a few files that that would need to be stored, you may have a short filing cabinet with one filing drawer and a couple of regular drawers for each desk. For some common storage purpose like books, you may plan to have a solid wood bookshelf. 

# Number of Workstations

Not all employees in your office would need a workstation, so plan your furniture accordingly. This would require you to have a seating arrangement in place upfront.

# Know your Office Dimensions and Layout Well

While you visit a vendor for office furniture to buy your office furniture, make sure that you know the dimensions and measurements well. A seating layout if handy would also be helpful.

Once you have identified your requirement visit trusted vendors in your locality. An experienced vendor in office furniture could also help you in several practical aspects while selecting your commercial furniture.