How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

Do you love sweet potatoes and want to grow them yourself in your backyard? This blog is for the sweet potatoes lovers and all the gardeners. In this post, we will learn the basics about growing sweet potatoes at home. But, before we start it is important to understand that sweet potato come in two varieties which are often described as bush and vining. They are cultivated in the summer season and quite easy to grow. Here is a step-by-step guide about how to grow sweet potatoes:

Step 1: You need slips to start growing sweet potatoes at home. Sweet potatoes, unlike another plant, are cultivated with the slips and not with seeds. You can buy the slips from shops, order online or make your slips at home. To make the slips you will have to buy a few sweet potatoes. Make sure to ask the retailer about the type of the sweet potato you are buying whether it is vining or bush. Once you have the potatoes, cut the in two pieces and soak them in a half glass of water. Stick the potatoes with tooth picks in a way that half of the part of the potatoes is below the water and half above. See the image below:

In the image, you can see slips below the potato and under the water. These slips will take about a few weeks to grow from the day you soak the potato. You will have to place the tumbler with the potato in some warm place like a window.

Step 2: Once you have the slips ready, you will now have to work on the slips to get the roots. Carefully separate slips sprouts from the potato and soak them a glass of water. Soak them in a way that the leaves are hanging outside while the slips are under the water. Just like shown in the below image

Leave the slip sprout in the water and keep changing the water until you get the roots. It will take a few days for the slips to product roots.

Step 3: While the roots are getting ready, prepare the soil to cultivate sweet potatoes. You will need a soil that is well-drained. Loose the soil as much as you can to ensure that the roots of the sweet potatoes don’t get tangled anywhere.

Step 4: Once the roots are ready, dip a 4X3 inch hole and place the roots in the hole in a way that half of it is covered with soil and half of its (the leaf part) is above the soil. Gently press the hole to close it and remove any air pocket with your hands.

Step 5: You will have to water the slips almost every day in the first week. Make sure that the soil near the sweet potatoes it wet and not dry. The sweet potatoes need enough watering to grow.

Step 6: Once the vines or leaves begin to turn yellow, the sweet potatoes are ready to be cultivated. Carefully dig them out with your hands a digging fork.

With the aforementioned steps, you can grow your own sweet potatoes and enjoy a delicious dish with your family and friends.