Fascinating Ideas To Decorate Your Home WhileStaying Within Comfort Zone

It can be a real challenge for you to come out of the rut if you have been making “safe” decorating choices for time immemorial. You have to ask some questions to yourself. Is your home a reflection of your personality and interests? Does it inspires you and make you feel uplifted? Will it be attractive enough for potential buyers if you decide to sell it?If answers are no, it is time for you to bid farewell to old decorating style and adopt the one that suits your current needs.

Following lines explains some small changes to decorate your house rather than having a big push out of your comfort zone as change is always difficult to embrace.

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  • A Bright Gourd Lamp:

Pillows are perhaps the easiest way to add some color to the room but they are placed aside too easily. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself into the world of colors after staying neutral for long time, a glossy new gourd lamp is the perfect way to do so. It adds a lot of pump to the surroundings with long lasting feelings. Gourd lamps looking amazing in any color and fit in any design scheme easily.

  • A Fun Pendant:

If fear of making wrong choice and wasting money is pushing you to go for old choices again and again, you need to find something inexpensive yet fun and you can live with no matter it works or not. In this regard, a unique pendant light will impart new personality to the ambiance without causing your pocket to sweat.

  • Update Your Artwork:

It has certainly been a long time ago when you last picked something for your walls. However, new pieces of arts can do wonders for you and therefore, you need to replace decades old wallpapers or paintings with new one.

  • Don’t be Afraid of Small Doses:

You definitely want to push the style of your home to the new heights. Therefore, you need to experiment with any small decoration piece such as a stool with glossy and interesting finish, a table with unique legs and an ottoman adorned with animal prints or a modern geometric.

  • Some Acrylics:

If you have a traditional house and wants to bring in something new without disturbing the balance, go for Lucite or try clear acrylics. This robust plastic poses distinct modern looks yet is compatible with any style and design because it recalls in mind other more formal and popular materials like crystal as well as glass. It increases the sense of space spectacularly and looks amazing with anything ranging from tables to stools and counter tops.

You need to visit art shows, galleries and should buy latest artworks such as an acrylic prints to adorn your walls in style.

  • Customize Stairwell:

There is no better a candidate than neglected and ignored stairwell to test the new decorating ideas upon.  You can paper the wall either with a textured material like a grass

cloth or with prints. You can paint the risers in the shade of one hue, add cool geometric carpeting and can also hang a cool wall art such as personalized canvas prints to adorn stairwell enticingly.

  • A Pleasing Vibrant Hue:

You need to color everywhere you go in your home to address your emotional responses. For instance, a lush sea turquoise color might fill your heart with happiness and therefore you need to go with it. Select a room that has been displaying neutral looks for ages and bring in number of heavy doses of your favorite and happy color.

  • A Typographic Print:

A typographic print is the best idea to bring some current vibe in your house. You can pick a wordy print or canvas in a statement making size. In this regard, you can take the utensils yourself and write whatever you want or can contact an artist who will personalize the print writing in favorite quotes, dates and meaningful names.


Above mentioned are some of the easy to do tips and small changes to decorate your home if you are reluctant to come out of your comfort zone. They are not only extremely affordable but will impart a scintillating new look to your insipid and dull house.