Discover: Top Bathroom Trends For 2016 with Oyster Bath

Summers have already arrived that means it’s the wonderful time to dive into a little bit of renovation of bathing space with latest bathroom fittings in India. It’s all about the neutral colours, natural materials with open and functional designs.

But it’s really tricky to use these trends in our small and ordinary bathrooms. Because it’s true that most of us don’t have those big and grand bathrooms showcased in the magazines, movies and advertisements. They are too out of reach, but not impossible to create. Let’s take a look at the bathroom trends for this year.

Try no-doorstep to the showers

Here’s the superb plan to install the shower enclosures that are placed directly from the floor to the ceiling. There would be no space for restrictions or boundaries running around the bottom of the shower at all. The frameless shower is best for small bathrooms because the absence of the walls makes the room look large and magnificent. You can go for an open shower area or mount an exquisite shower curtain to draw the division between the toilet and bathing space to make it more glamorous.

Top Bathroom Trends For 2016

Add floating vanity

The latest incarnation in this year’s fashion bathroom is the floating vanity. Yes, it’s with no legs, just bolt down the vanity to the walls and you can enjoy the clean and modern appearance of stylish vanity. It is as amazing as the beauty of the design, now just imagine how easy it would be to clean underneath the vanity.

Choose from the variety of bathtubs

The freestanding tubs, built in bathtubs and shower enclosures are the essential bathroom fittings in India these days that are highly in trend. These alluring tubs and shower cabins are the luxury assets that add grandeur and composure to the lifestyle. They are the perfect amenities of wellness with water and transform the way of living in a prosperous way, that is free from stress and diseases.

bathroom fittings in India

The new popular lightings are the vintage style classic and contemporary light fixtures. Consider a pattern of lighting over the shower or tub for improved radiance while soaking in the bathtub. These days the houses are small and so are the bathrooms. But if you have the taste to design the home of your dreams, then the bathrooms are just like yours any other essential room in the house with tubs and exclusive shower enclosures.

Oyster Bath offers you the marvellous opportunity to re-design it with some rejuvenating designs and best bathroom fittings in India.