Different Vinyl Siding Styles

When looking at different vinyl siding color combinations, you might hear people use the terms “style” and “type” interchangeably.

They’ll say, “I want to see all of your vinyl siding colors and styles.” Or “What types do you have?”

There is actually a difference between what each term describes in the industry. There are types of vinyl siding like clapboard or horizontal types. Now each of those types have different styles. For example, clapboard has dutch lap, beaded and smooth.

Make sense? Your contractor or siding salesman can give you more examples and show you the difference in person.

But if you want a bit more clarity, let’s take a look at the many varieties of vinyl siding color combinations you have to choose from:

Board and Batten:

These run up and down, or vertically, from top to bottom. It’s very popular and you’ve probably seen these in your neighbourhood. It can cost between $3 and $10 per square foot depending on what quality or thickness you’re looking for:

For 2,000 square feet:

  • Economy Brand $3.00 x 2,000 = $6,000
  • Premium Brand $10.00  x 2,000 = $20,000

Dutch Lap Siding:

Runs horizontal and looks like it was hand-carved your home some old-world charm. The prices can vary, but start around $9.00 per 10 square feet.

Its signature look is long narrow boards or panels nailed horizontally across the house.

Clapboard Siding:

Clapboard style siding is the most popular siding sold today and has been used for centuries in America and in Europe.

Insulated Vinyl:

This can actually reduce your home’s heat loss by as much as 25%, which is a big consideration for people in extreme climates.

Insulated vinyl increases the “R” value of your home, which will keep the heat in during the winter months, the air conditioning in during the summer months, and will soundproof your home 365 days a year.

It can cost a bit more to purchase and install, but most contractors will tell you that it more than pays for itself over the life of your home. Particularly as hydro and gas rates continue to climb.

Vinyl Cedar Shake:

Vinyl cedar shake siding looks like real cedar wood, but will cost you a fraction of the money to buy and install.

Also, vinyl siding doesn’t need any sort of paint or staining. It just keeps looking amazing, year after year with minimal maintenance. It won’t rot or crack, and termites won’t eat it. Its durability means it can withstand very harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl Siding is available in many patterns and colours. No matter your home style you will find a style that suits your home perfectly.