Conservatory Furniture: The Latest Trend

Conservatories were a popular trend in the eighteenth century and were used to display citrus fruits or tropical plants and flowers. Usually, a conservatory is only a room with glass walls attached to a main building. It receives much light from the outside and is also referred to as a sunroom or a greenhouse. Although it adds additional space to a house, it eventually became unpopular later because temperatures cannot be regulated properly with the available materials in the market.

With the advent of technology, better designs and new materials have emerged. As a result, conservatories became viable once again. Little by little, they are becoming an essential part of house design.

In the present, what makes conservatories more desirable is that they can be utilized as guest receiving areas, party rooms, and even considered as quiet places to relax and unwind. They are the perfect place to break away from daily routine and wind down because they provide a natural view of the outdoors. They allow you to feel the sunshine even when you are in the heart of our own home.

For nature lovers, a conservatory can also be converted into a garden room where they can enjoy sipping a cup of tea with their precious garden plants. It is also a perfect choice if one wishes to add an extra space in the house while also increasing their property’s value.

A home conservatory has a lot of benefits. It can add more light to the house while you can also enjoy the view of the outside world at the comfort of your home, no matter what the weather is. It can also serve as an additional space to receive guests and friends, an extra family lounge or it may also serve as a mini garden for those who love cultivating plants or flowers. It is also almost maintenance free as it does not serve to be neat and tidy but to be more homely and relaxing as possible. It also utilizes natural light from the sun which makes it less costly. You can enjoy the sunlight all year round in a home conservatory. It also add value to your home since it can make any house look more elegant and luxurious.

For these reasons, conservatory furniture is becoming popular and in-demand nowadays. These are not just the usual furniture that we use everyday since they must withstand the temperature, sun exposure and humidity in the conservatory. They are also priced relatively higher than your usual sofa or any other furnishings since they are made more durable to survive the environment inside a conservatory. Other factors to be considered in choosing your furniture is the style and size that will suit your conservatory.

Conservatory furniture comes in different materials – rattan, wicker, resin wicker, lounge furniture and patio furniture. Rattan is a material that looks like bamboo yet it is compact and not hollow. It is flexible but durable enough to be formed into furnitures. Wicker furnitures have finer details compared to rattan since they are woven together to create conservatory furnitures. Resin wicker looks like wicker furniture but the materials used are artificial and are more durable than the organic wicker furniture. Lounge furniture are your conventional wooden furniture. They are much cheaper than conservatory furniture but cannot withstand the harsh conditions of the sunroom for a long time. Patio furniture can be made out of plastic, wood or iron and are designed for the outdoors.

Among the different types of conservatory furniture, rattan is probably the most popular among them. Rattan has a natural yet fashionable look and it gives a simple, homely vibe in a conservatory. Aside from its simple and natural beauty, it withstands the harsh conditions of a conservatory since it can endure extreme temperature changes as well as sun exposure and humidity. It doesn’t get brittle even if it is exposed to sunlight a lot. It can also blend in almost any decor that you add to your conservatory. Its natural elegance helps bring out the cozy feel to any conservatory or garden room.

Rattan conservatory furniture also differs from natural rattan weave to man-made synthetic rattan-like material. Both of them are durable and is the best choice for most conservatories. It also needs simple maintenance since a few swipes of a damp cloth will do the cleaning. It also has a wide range of color options, from its natural color to darker browns which are now becoming a popular trend. From simple rattan chairs to coffee tables and sofas, rattan furniture will surely make any conservatory an interesting place you would want to spend time in.

Conservatory furniture is becoming popular lately since sunrooms or conservatories are also becoming a trend in home design. Since conservatory furniture is more expensive than the regular ones, we must know the proper care needed to make them last longer. First, the sunlight that enters and hits the furniture must be reduced. We can do this by using blinds or occassionally moving or turning the furniture from time to time. This can diminish fading of your valued pieces in your conservatory. Another one is keeping the room cool as possible. Proper ventilation helps a lot as it reduces humidity that is brought by summer months. This reduces the damaging effects  of extreme heat and humidity on you conservatory furniture.

Each part of the house is not just a material thing. It is an extension of us, a place of comfort, peace, serenity or simply a place to rest. Having the perfect furniture for those personal spaces is quintessential to how we feel about that place. A conservatory is as such, it is where we bond with people or simply be alone with ourselves. No matter the purpose of the home conservatory is, the furniture will always be an essential part of it. May it be a garden room, a guest receiving area or just a coffee room to relax and unwind, a set of comfy chairs, a few shelves, a cozy lounge and a simple coffee table will make it complete.

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