Should You Buy a Robotic Vacuum?

Our family of four plus a dog can generate a large supply of dirt. We’re not dirty people, mind you. (We take showers and everything.) But with a lot of foot traffic (and kids that forget to take off their shoes) comes the inevitable filth. The carpeting upstairs hides a lot of it, but our main floor has hardwood floors, which were just refinished to a beautiful dark luster. These really show the dirt. I swear there are so many dust bunnies that I sometimes wonder if we’re running a dust bunny farm. We do our best to broom the floors frequently, as in almost daily, but the dirt seems to come right back the next day.

These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

So, when my son, the techno-wunderkind, starting looking at the Roombas at Costco one day, I started to seriously consider one. Our current situation is that we own two vacuums. The first is a trusty Kenmore vacuum we got about 15 years ago. It was a Consumer Reports Best Buy at the time and has held up pretty well all things considered. The other vacuum we have is a central vacuum. You know, the kind with the extraordinarily long hose that you haul around from room to room plugging it into the nearest wall suction connection thingy. That device has been a pain in the a**. It’s constantly getting clogged with all manner of unintended items like pens, bouncy balls, and socks. And with our cluttered lifestyle, vacuuming the house becomes a game of “dodge the furniture without breaking a kneecap.”

So, the idea of having a vacuum go around my house without me having to get out the vacuum myself held a lot of appeal. But I was a little dubious that these round, UFO-shaped orbs could actually clean anything. I also wondered whether it would have to constantly be extracted from some corner that it couldn’t get out of.

Eufy, You’re My Only Hope

The day after our excursion to Costco, my son told my wife of his discovery. Her simple response of, “I’d like to get one of those” set him off on a quest to find the best, most economical one.  He looked at Amazon, Target and other sites, researching the perfect robotic family member. While the iRobot Roomba brand typically came out on top in the reviews, they were very expensive. The flagship of their line, the Roomba 980, was almost $800. Another top brand, the Dyson 360 Eye, was nearly $1000. We finally settled on the Eufy RoboVac 11. It ranked well on and the price was one of the lowest we found at $220. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive vacuums have, such as Wifi connectivity so you can remotely program the vacuum via your phone (because that’s important?), or mapping technology that allows to learn what areas it has cleaned or not. What it does have is the ability to schedule cleanings so that we can set it to clean while we’re at work. It also comes with a remote that lets us control it more manually to get areas that need more cleaning.

We’ve been amazed at the amount of dirt that this R2D2 cousin picks up. And when it’s finished, it just goes back to its base where it then recharges itself. Pretty cool little device. The only problem we’ve had so far is that our dog, Buster, doesn’t seem to get along with Eufy so well. Check out this video!

Derek Hines is a writer for West Coast Self-Storage, a self-storage acquisitions, development and management company with facilities in California, Oregon and Washington. He writes extensively on all subjects related to self-storage. For more information, visit westcoastselfstorage