Bespoke kitchen worktops in Slough UK

Kitchen worktops might come in standard sizes but kitchens surely don’t! especially in older properties, the size and the color of the kitchen worktops might vary extremely from one house to the next. Bespoke kitchen works tops in Slough UK allows creating the most of your kitchen area, whether you are dealing with small galley kitchen or have an area to spread out.

Produce unusual shapes

At inovastones granite and marble, we can make top quality bespoke stone worktops in any shape and size, providing your more choice and flexibility. This is perfect for making the most gauche corners and creating a kitchen that’s both practical and good looking. We can also manage the finish and the color of the stone to suit existing functions, such as a hardwood or stone floor or a period fireplace. Work area is at a premium in lots of kitchens, imagine if you’d change the style of your counter, adding an additional couple more inches here & there, possibly adding a rounded over hang to the ending of the counter, providing you an additional foot of area, or making a raised shelf in linking stone to show your favorite kitchen ware. With these bespoke worktops, complete this and more is doable.

Kitchen islands

A Kitchen islands are frequently with pretty sharp corners, not because is the ideal shape for the area but easily because  that is standard cut. Adding our bespoke work tops to your kitchen island provides you the choice to make a shape with works for your good looking kitchen. A famous choice is to mix a kitchen island with a breakfast bar, providing you anywhere to pull up a chair and enjoy a tea or sit to prepare a meal. Our bespoke worktop can help their own mass, allowing you to make an over hand on your kitchen-island or worktop to apply as an informal and comfortable eating place.

Build for your kitchen

Commission custom made kitchen worktops allows you to pick each detail of the design, form the material via measurement and installing to the finish & edging. Picking your stone is a main part of the procedure as various stone have diff properties. Granite is a famous and highly durable choice, while the classy touch of marble is can stun all.

At bespoke kitchen worktops in Slough UK offer top quality bespoke worktops for the kitchen at very reasonable costs. We are confident that you’ll find a something you really love in our wide range of collection.