An Attractive Gazebo Is The Perfect Enhancement For Any Yard

A gazebo makes a wonderful addition to any yard or garden because it provides an attractive visual feature while providing a sitting area from which to enjoy views of all your outdoor space.   Historically a gazebo is free-standing roofed structure with open sides built on a particular site to command an attractive view.  Today gazebos are built in a multitude of styles, from simple open squares to elaborate summerhouses or latticework pavilions to redwood octagons.  Whether constructed in round, rectangular, six- or eight-sided formations; built with low walls, benches, screens, doors and windows; gazebos all accomplish the same goal.  They expand your home’s living space into the outdoors and you can use your yard for more than a single season of the year.

Attractive Gazebo

Attractive Gazebo

The Advantages of Adding a Gazebo to Your Yard

The variety of uses for an outdoor gazebo is limited only by your imagination and your budget.  The most basic use of a permanent gazebo in a yard or garden is to provide a place to rest, relax and enjoy sitting in a pretty spot with a nice view.  From a simple gazebo with a bench or an outdoor bistro set with two chairs to one large enough for outdoor living room furniture, a hammock, or swing for two, rest and conversation in a shady setting is an ideal purpose for a gazebo.

A garden gazebo can also be the ideal partner for hosting social events in your backyard.  Whether planning a casual family picnic, a neighborhood barbeque or an outdoor cocktail party, your gazebo can be the star of the event.  Deck it out in lights and use it for your dance floor.  Place your food tables inside and provide a sheltered place for everyone to serve their plates.  Place your picnic table inside and eat shaded from the sun.  If you have a backyard pool, adding a gazebo to the pool area makes a delightful retreat for a soda or lemonade between swims.  You can even host a small wedding; gazebos make a marvelous ceremony platform for the bride and groom when they exchange vows.

If your outdoor space and/or budget is limited, pop-up gazebos are available that serve as temporary structures which can be put up when you need them then taken down and stored away when not in use.  These are particularly useful when space is limited but are also helpful when you first begin planning your permanent gazebo.  Before deciding on a final site, you can erect a pop-up in different locations and try the site out to see if it lives up to your expectations.

Today it has become very popular to build a gazebo as a home spa enclosure to house your hot tub.  The gazebo provides privacy for you and protection from weather elements for your equipment.   Others use their gazebos as an outdoor fitness center or as their exercise room or meditation and prayer haven.  A metal gazebo with shelves or screening is an excellent work area for a dedicated gardener when planting seedling and re potting plants.  Again, the uses of an attractive and well-built gazebo are limited only by your imagination. Once you decide on what you want to accomplish with yours, you can select the best gazebo for your needs.

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