7 Effective Tips On How to Save Electricity at Home


The overall cost of running a home can be quite heavy on our wallets that’s why most of us, homeowners, are in the quest of finding ways on how to cut cost and save on our utility bills. Your energy footprint takes up much of your entire utility cost so if you want to really save up then it is highly recommended that you reduce your energy consumption. Doing so will not only help you save money but will also help you save the environment.


Nowadays, people are highly encouraged to practice energy efficiency. This means that they have to use the least possible amount of energy to get something  done. Many energy efficient products are already made available in the market and homeowners are recommended to transform and make their homes more energy efficient as well. You may not be aware that everyday you are wasting a fortune with unnecessary energy usage. Good thing is there are a lot of simple strategies you can do to avoid wasting energy at home and save on your electricity instead. Want to know what these strategies are? Learn about them below.

  1. Do an energy audit 2

Consider scheduling an energy audit by hiring a professional to assess your home’s overall electrical power consumption. With this, you will be able to determine specific areas in your home where you are losing and wasting energy. You might be surprised that there are hidden faults such as air leaks which could be the primary culprits in the increase of your electricity bills. You can finally address issues as such when you do an energy audit. You can do it yourself or you may seek help from professional auditors for more accurate results. These auditors can help you create low cost measures that would help you save up electricity. 

  1. Fix electrical faults ASAP


Unnoticed electrical issues do not only cost you fortune but they lead to accidents and damage as well. So, the minute that you notice that there’s something wrong with your system, do not just ignore it but rather fix it as soon as possible to prevent further damage and problems. Electrical issues could it eat up much power resulting to higher bills. When fixing such issues, it is best that you hire an expert to avoid possible mishaps. Dealing with anything electrical is not totally safe at all. Look for reputable electricians such as ACE Sydney Electricians who can fix any kind of electrical fault and can provide you with all your electrical needs.

  1. Home insulation


Insulating areas in your home such as your walls, attic, doorways, ceiling, windows, pipes as well as your water heaters can do wonders for your overall power consumption. Effective insulation helps you reduce your annual power bill by 10 to 30 percent.  Both cool and warm air can escape through the gaps in your floorboards. Avoid energy loss by simply filling those gaps with sealants or newspaper perhaps. Insulating your hot water tanks and pipes prevents heat loss as well. Be sure to keep them well-insulated.

  1. Switch to LED and CFLs


If you are still using traditional lights, consider replacing them with Light-Emitting Diode(LED) and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs). They may cost more initially but you will get more benefits from them in the long run compared to using older lights. You can reduce your lighting consumption by up to 50 percent by switching to modern lighting technologies.

  1. Use energy star rated appliances and equipment


Look for units with an energy star symbol, they consume less energy. If you’re using appliances replace and upgrade your old equipment with ones that consume less energy. There may be energy saving programs available in your area, you may sign in into one of those to get discounts in the future. Many electric providers give discounts to people who are in such programs. 

  1. Unplug or use power strips


When not in use or if fully charged, always make sure to turn off and unplug your electronics. As long as they are connected or plugged to an outlet, even if they are turned off, they still eat and drain power. To prevent this drain, you may invest in power strips which will automatically power down your electronics when they’re not in use helping you prevent any additional electricity waste.

  1. Install solar panels


Solar technology has become more popular nowadays due to the numerous benefits people get from it. Installing solar panels helps you get power source at a low to no cost at all because you only get power from the sun’s heat energy. Although, they cost quite expensive at first but they help you save a fortune  in the long run since they are super cost-effective compared to other power sources.