5 dining tables that are crazy awesome

The dining room is a place where the entire family gathers and enjoys dinner. It is a focal point of all family gatherings from Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an amazing dining table which can leave your entire family breathless not matter if they see it for the 1st time or 1000th time? Amazing dining tables are hard to find and even harder to incorporate in the dining room. Due to that, I have made a list of 5 amazing dining tables for every home and every style. All you have to do is pick the one you like the most.

Swing dining table

Yes, there is a swing dining table which will impress your inner kid. But, don’t get me wrong, it may be made as a huge swing, but when it comes to style it is anything but childish. Clean lines and modern colors are the reason why this table looks so good and the moment you put it in your dining room you will never want to leave the place. This modern design is a product made by Duffy London and besides colors, you can choose the size, the table top, and the indoor/outdoor option.

Foosball dining table

The perfect solution for a bachelor’s apartment is this foosball dining table. No more boring dinners with your parents because this table will be the main topic of the evening. Your father will love it because it is a foosball table and your mother will love it because it looks absolutely amazing. Sleek and elegant design of this table will upgrade your apartment with special “man with style” vibe. Tempered glass is protecting your foosball field so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the field. I like the fact that the glass covers the rods so they don’t poke people in their stomach.

Millennium bontempi

Not every table on this list used to be something else in the first place. This table is made as a dining table and the reason why I chose it for this list is its design. It is made extremely simple, but with that WOW factor, we have been looking for. The tabletop is made from wood or glass with steel legs. I really think that my description can demonstrate the table and I encourage you to look at the picture instead.

Driftwood dining table

I have always been a fan of driftwood because the driftwood tells a story and every furniture piece made from driftwood is special. Driftwood dining tables come in different shapes and sizes which makes them perfect for any dining room. You can choose from the rectangular or oval table, for 4 or for 6 people. The main goal of driftwood table is to enhance the driftwood which is made with table top made from tempered glass. The table is easy to make so if you ever find driftwood you may even make your own table.

Concrete dinner table

When you think about concrete, the first thing that will come to your mind are cold and rough and it is not a material you would choose for a dining table. Or would you? When you look at this slick and elegant concrete table I am sure you will definitely think about it. These tables are made by hand and in New Jersey, by a company called Trueform concrete. You can choose 10 colors for the concrete and you can choose whether you would like steel or wooden legs for the table. You can practically make your own concrete dining table and that is pretty amazing.