10 Simple DIY Decor Tips for your Kitchen

Fun kitchen decors don’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can make use of your DIY skills to kick start the aesthetics of your ideal kitchen. Your decors don’t need to be expensive, you can purchase affordable and distinctive ones or even make your own! To get you started, check out these simple DIY decor tips for your kitchen.

  1. Utilise all wall space

Turn empty walls into backsplash storage by attaching rack and rails with hooks. You may also add premade shelves that will serve as storage for your kitchen utensils. Simply, hang all your kitchen apparatus on the hook.

  1. Dip-dye your kitchen wooden utensils

Dress up your wooden utensils by doing a paint-dipped. Simply paint the utensils and apply shellac sheller for a glossy look.

  1. Add chalkboard menu

Another DIY decor you can display in your kitchen is a chalkboard menu. It’s functional in a way that you can write down your menu plan, recipes, and among other things.

  1. Label your jars

Organize your pantry by putting labels on your storage jars. You can use a chalkboard tape or print those downloadable pantry label templates that you can find on Pinterest. In that way, you’re giving your pantry a total makeover.

  1. Paint kitchen tray in different shades

To make your kitchen tray look more attractive and lively, paint them with neon colours in different shades. This is one great way to give them a more lively and vibrant appeal.

  1. Grocery list on a cork board

If you don’t want to forget some items that you were supposed to include in your grocery, install a cork board onto your kitchen wall. Paste your grocery list onto the cork board.

  1. Coffee mug holder

You can upcycle an old rake and utilise it into coffee mug holder. You can refinish by adding some paint. Let it dry and look for a spot where you can display it on the wall and hang your coffee mugs. This will help you organise your favourite coffee mugs while also decluttering the area.

  1. Repurpose jars

Repurpose old jars as storage for your kitchen silverwares. To revamp the look, spray paint them gold to achieve the metallic look. Of course you can just use other colours

  1. Liven up your kitchen cabinets with a washi tape

Washi tapes add drama to your dull kitchen cabinet shelves. All you have to do is to buy this tape and accentuate the cabinet shelves. You can then trace the lines on the shelves and attach the tape.This is definitely simplistic but it’s an easy way to embellish your cabinets!

  1. Dot your fridge

There’s nothing morecool than transforming your bored fridge into a dotted one. You can create a gold polka-dotted circles out from tin foils and dot your fridge.

These DIY tips are definitely easy to make and help you decorate your kitchen on a budget. Do you have any ideas for a budget DIY decor for your kitchen? Feel free to share it!

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